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Part #2 ( Did You Miss It )

Praise The Lord, Thank You Holy Spirit, For The Overwhelming Responses That Came Back, Only 2 Missed It.

Internet Denominations, Is Simply Believer's Recruiting Other Believer;s ( Christians ) Not For Christian Discussions Groups Or For The Sake Of Fellowshipping With One Another, But For The Sake Of Having A Title Other Than Your Gifted Title. This Is Addressed And Open To All Christians, Not Just Leaders. This Is Concerning The Body Of Christ As A Whole. What I Meant By Internet… Continue

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Internet Denominations

Praise The Lord My Brother And Sisters, I Thought We Would Talk About Internet Denominations. I Feel I Don't Need Anything On The Outside Of My Name To Validate Who And What I Am As Well As My Beliefs, Now I'm Not Talking About Your Gifted Titles As Ministers In The Community, I'm Talking About People Singling Themselves Out From The Body Of Christ To Be In And Amongst A Particular Group, I Would Call Internet Denominations. To Me, It's Too Much Like, The Splitting Of The Church, You Know The… Continue

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The Word, As It Is

Praise The Lord My Brothers And Sisters For:

Unto You It Is Given To Know The Mysteries Of The Kingdom Of God; But To Others In Parables; That Seeing They Might Not See, And Hearing They Might Not Understand. Now The Parable Is This: The Seed Is The Word Of God. Those By The Way Side Are They That Hear; Then Cometh The Devil, And Taketh Away The Word Out Of Their Hearts, Lest They Should Believe And Be Saved. They On The Rock Are They, Which, When They Hear, Receive The Word With… Continue

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We Must Encourage, Uplift And Inspire Each Other

Praise The Lord. One May Ask Is It Neccessary To Encourage And Uplift Others That's Saved In The Body Of Christ? I Agree 100%. That We Are The Ones That Makeup The Body Of Christ, We Must Encourage, Inspire, And Lift Each Other Up, If We Don't Meet The Needs Of The Body, How Can We Stand As One. We Must Learn How To Work Together, According To Romans 12:4-5, The Living Bible, Paraphrased, It States: Just As There Are Many Parts To Our Bodies, So It Is With Christ's Body. We Are All Parts Of It,… Continue

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To All Of God's Leaders. This Is My Prayer

Heavenly Father Bless Me As I Bless This Church Lifting It Up To Your Throne Of Grace And Mercy, Strength, Joy, Peace, Power, And Never Ending Love. I Pray That You Keep A Watchful Eye On Us As We Do Your Will, Your Way. Reaching Out To Souls That Are Hurting, Unsure, Looking For Forgiveness And Guidance, That Are Stricking With Grief, Lack Of Confidence, Loneliness, Suffering, Sickness, Being Tempted By The World, But What Ever The Problem Lord I… Continue

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Prayers For Safe Traveling Grace

Blessed & Highly Favored Walking In The Light For I Am The Light

Greetings, My Brothers And Sisters In Christ

This Is Another Day The Lord Has Made, I Will Be Glad And Rejoice In It. New Beginnings Awaits Me As I Travel To Southern Alabama To Visit My Mother For A Surprise Birthday Celebration That We Are Giving Her. We Thank God In The Name Of Jesus For Our Wonderful Mother. Mother's Are Heaven Sent So If Your Mother Is… Continue

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In The Mist Of Ike

I am In the mist of Ike, but Ike Is not In the mist of me. Praise God, Our Heavenly Father dwells / resides within me for I am covered In the blood of Jesus. Lets be Prayerful for all of our brothers and sisters thats In the mist of Ike or any storm or just going through something. Lets go to the Father. Amen
Prophetess Fredericka

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