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"something this way comes" Emergency war summit August 19,2010

those with the anointing of the sons of Issachar,understanding of dreams and visions,and wisdom will be in the house,

GOD is speaking SO LOUD.Please hear HIM!!! Something is on the way.

If you are interested/willing please pray and give a call. so, we can,"sound the alarm" You DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A "TITLE"to participate, if GOD gave you something for this nation or the body of CHRIST in the church of America please contact us @ 313 646-0932 or… Continue

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"SOMETHING THIS WAY COMES" EMERGENCY WAR SUMMIT 4 America & the body of CHRIST in the church of America

August 19,2010 @ 7p.m. in Detroit Mi. this emergency war summit will happen.this call goes out to any and all that GOD has given a word,dream,vision,warning/instructions about America[U.S.A.] or the body of CHRIST in the church of America; if this is you,and you are willing,we welcome your "alarm" (Joel 2:1) Those who can't physically make it ,we will have the big screen set up and you can interface via the internet,we also will be live on the radio.more info:313… Continue

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A young pastor was killed outside Atlanta GA.,this week by the FBI. as i read with horror the account of this tragedy,the HOLY SPIRIT brought to my mind the reality @ least THREE PASTORS have been MURDERED this year alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's past time to make some noise about this,it is time to intensify the wailing and prayer between the porch and the alter,it is time to get to the unity of faith for real, for real. i KNOW i am not the only watchman on the wall, i am sounding… Continue

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Grace and peace be multiplied unto you in the all powerful name of JESUS. Thought crossed my mind after posting,responding and reading many shared thoughts,sayings,rebukes,encouragements, corrections,poems,songs,"thus sayest the LORD's","GOD showed me's","GOD told me's" & ect. I got to wondering .....how would/what would JESUS comment on some of the postings on this site? It made me pause.I wonder, if it will you?

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You (yes,you) be encouraged

to all the followers of JESUS CHRIST (demons believe and tremble) be encouraged today,even as you pay close attention to the signs of the times,know that we must do all that HE has given us to do,take ALL the territory HE has given into our hands,(our family,community,nations & etc.) for HIS glory.We speak renewed strength and peace in JESUS name that we will be found faithful even to the end. Brothers & sisters no matter where you are in HIM go deeper, there is so much more to HIM than… Continue

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Is it just me?

As we continue to wage effective war against the kingdom of darkness ,while advancing the kingdom of GOD,allowing ourselves to be poured out by HIM,to be filled up again for HIS glory; is just me that's being attacked on every side? Yes i am more than a conquer and i am violently "taking it back" but whew! Just thought i'd put this out there ,generate some dialogue.

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War Summit 2009 beyond where you are

Calling All Sons of Issachar,Prophets,Warriors, Praisers,trevailing women,Apostles,Dreamers(Josephs),mainifested sons of GOD ,watchmen, Men & Women

WAR SUMMIT 2009 beyond where you are.......

GOD won't do anything in the earth without first telling HIS servant's the prophets Amos 3:7

the prophets (from across the nation) will release what GOD has revealed to them,the sons of issachar who understand the seasons,times and the way we should go; [… Continue

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WAR SUMMIT 2009 beyond where you are.....

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