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Here To Recruit The Best And Brightest People To Join My Cause

Father forgive them for they know not what they do. They have been brain wash by this evil system called capitalism. History remind us how those empower lie to American Indians all of those treaties were broken. Capitalism played like they were doing Africans a favor by putting our people in slavery. President Bush said that Iraq had WMD. Lord please send me my management team before I die in Jesus name.…


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Taking Authority Now Time 4 Combat: 2 Groups One Mission- Neighborhood Solidarity

I believe that charity begins at home. It would be ashamed for me to

take part in a global ministry and began to rebuild someone elses

country when in so many urban areas in this country are facing an

increase in poverty,homelessness, and not to mention underfunded

public school systems for Blacks and Browns. I am on 300 social

networks trying to unite the cause all on one website and that is why I

created these Yahoo Groups.… Continue

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Join "Light OF The World Inspirational Group"

My Yahoo Prayer Group is dedicated to spreading the word of Jesus Christ

online. I have been commissioned by God to unite our people back to Christ

nationwide. So many of us are into false religions and listening to

to many religious people that we ourselves become confused. We are

here to network with one another and encourage one another. We are

here to pray for one another and if there is a need for us to

share that with the… Continue

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Dropping Science In Tha Hood

Hello my name is Emmanuel. I am The Founder and Creator of "Light OF

The World Inspirational Group" which is part of a new movement "The Grass

Roots Community Movement" which picks up where the Civil Right's

Movement Ended. I ask God how can I make a differance in the Black

Community and also uplift my people that is stuck in the inner city ghettos.

The Lord instructed me to create a Web Journal so that I can network… Continue

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