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Is it A spiritual thing?

Hi everyone, I have been sick with stress, that has caused me to break out in hives, so the dr. says, I am not sure if that is true, I have also been told that by me being hard headed, not doing what GOD has called me to do is making me suffer, is that possible, I know GOD does not make anyone sick but I do beleive that he will get you a point to where you have to pray i am just lost! it's just been one thing after another, my husband has been placed in prison for 5 years, i am raising 2 kids,… Continue

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Praying for clarity..but busy as a bee!!!!

Hi everyone,just wanted to post a blog to let everyone know what is going on with me,welllllllll I have finished college,I am now an Computer administrative assistant, just haven't found a job in that feild yet, I will be graduating in May in Virginia beach Virginia, It feels really nice to have a degree, I have already received my degree in the mail but I am going going up there for the ceremony, I can say it was not easy, it took me longer then it should've but I pressed my way anyhow...lol.… Continue

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Dead evangelist!!!?????

Hi everyone, so much has been going on with me since the last time I posted, after 13 years of searching for my daughter sisters we have found them, my daughter was very determined she's 13 years old and her sister is 19 and 16,they was taken from there mom at a very young age because they was abused, there dad couldn't get him because of his records, and when he went to prison they took his rights away from him. Isn't that something? anyway they are back in our lives, and my daughter/son is… Continue

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I have finally strted doing what HE is telling me to do!!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to come in and let everyone know what is going on with me, well for one thing GOD has been on me for a minute, about me not using my voice, I use to sing on the praise and worshp team, people begin to get on my nerves,well the demons in them,and I got fed up,and and sat myself down.On last Sunday after months of the word coming saying "get back in your place" "excuses" all kind of convictions in the word from my Apostle and other preachers, soon after the service the… Continue

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My dad preached at my church today!

Hi everyone, it isn't to much I post a blog, but today my dad preached at my church, I was so shocked when he called me Thursday and told me that my Apostle asked if he wold preach on Sunday, I was shocked! because she usually don't allow too many people to come in and preach,she does not trust too many people after people has pretended to be her friend and end up leaving with some of the members,so i knew she had to see something in him, So today he shocked me all i can say is I am very… Continue

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After convocation..welcome home daddy! and what is wrong with me NOW?

wow its been a minute since i've blogged anything,so much has been going on with me the last time i blogged it was an invitation to everyone to our holy convocation omg it was an awesome time in the LORD, we had church from that sunday until the next sunday 7 days and nights of church, we had a ball. It was this one special night there was a man of GOD that preached it was on a thursday we'll lets just say he didn't get to preach, GOD stepped in, it was an apostolic flow. People was streched… Continue

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Holy Convocation!

Praise the LORD everybody! I just wanted to take out this moment to invite each and everyone out to our 25th HOLY CONVOCATION!!! July 26 -August 2nd at Pneuma Pentecostal church of Deliverance Inc, here in the Beautiful City of Thomasville North Carolina! there will be seminars,morning glory services, and night service starting at 7:30, we are going to have a good time in the LORD!so if you are not busy come on out and join us we will love to have you! if you need more information let me… Continue

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Trying to find myself!

First of all I just thank God for allowing me to find a site like this one and for whoever created it thank you! I feel like home on here,so many other sites makes me feel uncomfortable. Now for my blog,here lately God has been using his messengers to come to me and tell me that I was called to evangelise,and to do out reach ministry,he also said I should have been preaching and he wanted to know what was taking me so long, he also said that my time has ran out.It is just so wonderful how GOD… Continue

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