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No More Games. (Let Your Voice Be Heard!!!)

Its time to put our foot on the devils head for real; This world is get'n more wicked as the day is go'n on; I pray somebody would scream for righteousness; "Please" >Homo's screaming, lesbians screaming; where is the church voice, please arise from your sleep, Its game time!!! I remember when Micheal Jordan was playing he didn't believe in home court avantange he gave his best no matter where he played, he let people know you wasn't going to beat me; where is the church toughness? whe been… Continue

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JESUS The Up Most Powerful

I'm very upset about the false teaching I have heard on this Network, I have heard alot of so called Pastors, Prophets, Preachers, and false People use the name of the Lord in vain, Im not talking about those that use that name for truth, but those that curse that name and say that name of JESUS loosely, I'm starting to think these people are Muslims, or in some kinda cult or something, we as people of God can't let them come on BPN and disrepect our Gods name, we gotta take that same approach… Continue

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Political Religion (partII) I need a Doctor!!! Help me.

Do you remember that song that saids; I need you, you need me were all apart of Gods body. (Hezekiah Walker) Thats true!!! I need you to survive so when I'm in a place that I've fallen and can't get up, Help, Help, Help me please. So many people have walked over me, Can you lend me a helping hand, You see me dirty and you won't reach out to me and give me soap and a towel so I can wash all this sin off of me, Its so dark down here I can't see my way out, Only if there was somebody that had a… Continue

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Political Religion

Praise the Lord, I hope you find your true place in God after this revelation of who you really are. Before I get started my only source of instructions is the bible I don't believe in stealing any man SERMONS. I'm not a Pastor but God has laid his church in my heart deeply so I'm very concern with the way we present ourselves to the people that isn't saved. Do you remember that scripture that saids; Who made you believe a lie instead of the truth and why do you stand in jeopardy every hour.… Continue

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