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In the book of Rev. 13 and 1 there is a beast that rise up out of the sea,(he is here). In Rev.13 and 11 another beast coming up out of the earth (he is here) Read Rev. 13,8 and all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him. Google ( the Atalanta Conspiracy/Masonic Movie and Music industry and Google (Beyonces baby girl name Blue Ivy, what does it mean?

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America= Babylon Read Jeremiah chp 50 ver.22-46 and chp 50. 1-58

Revelation 16 chp.ver.19 speaks of a great city(N.Y. city) and babylon the great (America) Rev. 17and1 speaks of the great whore that is sitteth upon many waters.The Statue of Liberty,a lady sits in N.Y. harbor, She is a masonic symbol desiged by a leading mason, she is a lady of rebellion, the Queen of babylon. Google (secret societies index:hard truth/wake up America.

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Read Jeremiah chp.50. 22-46. and Jeremiah chp.51.1-58. Revelation chp.16.ver.19 speaks of  GREAT CITY (New York city) and babylon the great(America) Rev. 17and 1 speaks of the great whore thats is sitteth upon many waters. The Statue of Liberty, she is a masonic symbol, desiged by a lending mason, she is a lady of Rebellion, The Queen of Babylon.Google( Secret Societies Index:hard truth/ wakeupamerica)

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