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Tithes And Offerings. Smile. I Knew The Lord Was Not Trying To Rob His Children. See What I Found While Researching The Bible.

I Don't Believe In Charging A Salary For The Gospel…


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Jesus Never Called It The Rapture-Neither Did He Train The Disciples To Call It The Rapture He Called It The 1st Resurrection

Do you remember hearing about the rapture in the 1970's? Did you know that in 1978-1979 this was a key factor in encouraging people to get saved. The book The Rapture caught my interest and yes I read the whole book also-but this time it took longer than 1 hour and 34 minutes.Smile. We were told that we would be caught away in the catch-a-way to meet him. Never did I think that this information should be questioned. It was the Pastor/Shephard and… Continue

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Good News-Good News-Good News

For Those Of You Who Are Believers In Christ, There Is Good News For Us All. I Wanted The Koran For The Longest Time And The Lord Blessed Me To Retrieve A Copy From The Library. The Amazing Findings On Pages 45,46, and 47 Seals The Inquiry As To Whether Muhammad Believed That Christ Was From A Virgin Birth. According To The Koran He (Jesus) Was. Please Read This For Yourself, You Will Want To Hold On To The Lord Even The More. Smile. Keep Singing.

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Jesus was neither...African, Black, Caucasian, White, Asian, Latino nor any combination of the available bloodlines. Some might ask-how is that possible? The Heavenly Father decided to choose the Israelites out of all the nationalities available, firstly. Then, he waited unto man had just about run out of himself and decided, that he would implant his divine seed in the womb of Mary-"virgin Mary." She is the first surrogate mom on earth. Smile. If there's any hair texture, color likeness and… Continue

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Minister Val-Val's Photo & Growth Album


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Jesus Never Called Satan Lucifer And -He- Has Set The Tone For The Rest Of Us To Emulate.

As long as I can remember the Christian community have called Satan Lucifer. So I emulated my teaching.

Father God never called Satan Lucifer and He did not send our Lord and Savior Jesus down to earth with that information for training purposes either. We have to call him by his true name when casting him out.

Sometimes we would call him sleufoot as a nickname. It wasn't until 2007-2008 while I was studying the word of God that I realized that Isaiah 14:12 in both the… Continue

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There's a race to the kitchen now!!!


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Dispelling The Myth:"DONE"


Father God, The Lord Jesus and The Holy Ghost will confirm all that I will share with you on this subject: "DONE"

The Father, stated in the beginning of time that the Lord Jesus Christ was with Him via Apostle John-"The Divine" 1:1-2. It is stated that before the foundation of the world-He was in the bosom of the Father. Jesus always refered us back to His Heavenly Father. The Father, this gets awesomely interesting, said that the earth and Heaven were created in 6… Continue

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