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The return

You do not yet know who I am or where I came from, neither do you realise that this is the hour appointed by my Father. I have stood in the presence of God, whose love and truth I carry and which I have chosen to deliver for the salvation of all God’s children. I am the anointed one whose love is perfect and from whom nothing is hidden. A vine has been planted outside of my Father’s house and many have eaten its fruit. It is a vine I will tear up by its roots and the path to the sacred place… Continue

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The Dark night of the soul

I would not care about you if I didn’t feel your pain

I would not need your company but I can’t bear loneliness again

I would not need to find myself if the world had been enough

And I would have known life’s meaning if you had returned my love

I will not live for the moment and take all that I can

My future will be stolen by those who scheme and plan

Will life continue after death is there more pain to bear?

Or will I close my eyes one day… Continue

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Nothing by William


Without love we have nothing but material things

No lasting joy that togetherness brings

We always feel need and there’s never enough

Of the cars and the houses and electrical stuff

We put on our jewellery, best clothes and vain face

Then we dine and we holiday in every nice place

And people they gather to know us with pride

We think we are rich but we’re bankrupt inside

We’re the beautiful people, well… Continue

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What is Love?

Love is a feeling, a state of awareness

Love is achieved through empathy

Empathy is a choice to recreate in the self, that which is being experienced by another soul

Without empathy there can be no compassion

Compassion comes from the desire to end the suffering that is felt by another soul, because the ‘self’ is experiencing that suffering also, through empathy. In ending another person’s suffering, the self ends its own

Empathy results in the sharing of another… Continue

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