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Love is not only what a person can do for you,love is what you can do for another.Love must first be shown towards GOD,you

look to GOD for guideance,and wisdom.Here is knowledge how quick we are to say we're in love;But when things don't go

our way, we abandon the one who just moments before we were pledgeing our love to.(How often have we done this to GOD?)

Real love endures,looks past,and overcomes all obsticles.Real love is forgiving,patient,kind,understanding,and never self… Continue

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GOD is faithful even when we're not

I am so thankful that I serve a GOD, that is faithful even when at times I fail and miss the mark.

As I ponder over the past year I have to stop and thank GOD ! You see I realize that only by his grace,and mercy

have I made it thus far.HE has blessed me with a wonderful husband who worships,and loves the LORD as much

as I do.Realizeing that it's nothing that iv'e said or done that qualify's me for GOD'S love I just have to say thank you LORD. YOU are worthy of all praise, not… Continue

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We are living in a time of silenceing,a time where the devil wants to silence the true believers.A time where popularity overrides the word of GOD. We are living in the last days, where people are more afraid of the way people perceive them

than they are of the impending judgement .That awaits a perverse,unholy,unsaved,wicked generation.A time where the true phrophett is not allowed to speak, for fear the devil will be exposed clearing out the church'es therefore leaveing the collection… Continue

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