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What if the bible had no names in it? What if the story was told as a bedtime story? What if the imagination was left to fill in the blanks,were some have been made nobleman, but are just mere humans as we are? Well wake up, because thats what the bible is! we need to separate ourselves from all of this religous redderick thats going on here. The lord our God has been trying to get us to realize we are in the last days.All this argrueing is contagious,filthy,full of lies,because all the… Continue

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Evilness evens infiltrates itself into the knowledgeable,causing vain babblings and fruitless debates,that leads to the sins of this world.Judgement,envy and beguiling of others to name a few.we all see it happening,ever so smoothly,all of these evil spirits are slipping in to our normal daily life under the disguise of morals,and respect of others.we all should just get along,stretching the truth is not a lie,people are just different,just except it or ignore it,we have alternative lifestyles… Continue

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The word of God is the key to all understanding.Some say the Lord's word never changes,and i'll agree,but the way He wants us to apply His word does!Social sites have become the new battle ground for those who are afraid to get out there and preach the message of our God.With all this education we have today,so many well versed orators,so many high profiled spokesman,so many great places to worship,we are (CONSTIPATED),everyone,has a view on the word,we are so well versed now that we know… Continue

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Theologian;a person(not religous) who is learned in theology,the science which studies GOD,AND ALL THAT RELATES.

Christian;a person who believes in the doctrine of JESUS,and acknowledges HIS divinity.

Religous sites such as this one,sets in motion the life long question who is who?The challengers of the Word are able to express their views and questions,in a well-rounded,non agressive manner,and it's usally against those that think or have acted superior to other believers,so now the… Continue

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The inspiration of man is mostly denied due to the knowledge gained,and wisdom denied.Just as Job;32;7 says,DAYS SHOULD SPEAK,AND MULTITUDE OF YEARS,SHOULD TEACH WISDOM.But due to the vway we were trained up,our knowledge,is usally used as a defense mechanism,for our learned theology.Job;32;8-BUT THERE IS A SPIRIT IN MAN,AND THE INSPIRATION OF THE ALMIGHTY,GIVETH THEM UNDERSTANING.We are so sure our point is right,that even after researching,we fail to realize,that even this Great Book of the… Continue

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With the condition of the church today,would we dare as christians(THE BODY OF CHRIST),try to revamp the way we go about ministering,the Kingdom of God,to the lost.

hypothesis;an idea or proposition,not derived from experience but formed and used to explain certain facts,or to provide the foundation or primary assumption of an argruement;

Churches today as we all know,is in a state of disarray.this thought came to me after reading Brother Hancocks post,Church Hopping.So many that are… Continue

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Even when we do everything right in life,sometimes theres a reason we sleep in the mess of this world and our flesh.[Matt.6:24]NO MAN CAN SERVE TWO MASTERS,YE CANNOT SERVE GOD AND MAMMON.This is when the Lazarus Momment occurs.Trying to do what is right in mans eyes,can and does offend God.So we have to die to the master of our flesh,and be resurrected by our FAITH in God!

The Lazarus momments are;judging others,lying constantly for good or bad… Continue

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Theres a lot of holiness around,but theres no wholesomeness abound.With all these intelligent,bible ready,rebuking,desinates of God,ready to correct,denounce and convict you no wonder so many religous web sites are popping up.No i'm not saying correction isn't apart of going from milk to meat,but it's amazing how quickly the sinless pounces on those who were looking for assistance in learning the word and trying to gain understanding o being a responsible christian.Ps.94:11,is for all the… Continue

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In this world we're living in today how many wars must we fight.Just to seek out the Word Of God , it has become a maze of denominational heresy.No longer do we have the old lady from round the way,to tell us when we're doing wrong,she's been ran in the house with the curtains drawn.The church on the corner isn't cool anymore because the one over in the next county has guest speakers,free doughnuts and coffee,and that family that was at the corner church for years.We need roots christians so… Continue

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As we as a people are facing times,we've never faced before,isn't it time to realize were the truth is.In the days of our grandparents &greatparents,this same situation we are in now was on the horizon,lack of money,resources,compassion and faith.What they did in that day was to begin a cycle started in their homes called,PRAYER.So many people have the answers to what our problems are and have a tape,cd are conference for us,that the simple fact of seeking the LORD,for the direction has… Continue

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In these days so many people are facing uncertainty,and as we all know waiting on those in charge to help can lead to complete chaos.So I was just wandering if the stimulus package of old would work.So first I had to examine the word "Stimulus" :something that rouses or incites activity>an agent that directly influences the activity of a living organism or one of it's parts.As I sit here reading through my bible,I realize how Moses had to influence the people that God had'nt forgot about… Continue

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