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SECESSATION~~~Just Now On the News:

SECESSATION~~~Just Now On the News:

Just now in the News

Yes listeners and readers it is clearly happening as I' speak a Militia of the Sovereign Republic is amassing on the snow capped Rocky Mountains forming an impenetrable line of protection against the DC/FED~RESERVISTS.

Yes what started out as a grass roots campaign from the mouth of one with a vision Mr. James Lee Hamilton renowned as the REFORMATION LEADER' of Sovereignty?

~We will free him from the… Continue

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The Obama Nail'

How many nails in the coffin of the AmeriKan Federal Empire does it take?

We shall find out soon enough..It seems we are on a downward spiral and it is no longer the people for the people It is about Government control over every aspect of your lives.

It is getting very easy to see the Global agenda to bankrupt the economy Not only here but in every country the Central bank' is destroying every nation.

More-so at Home in the US we the Sheeple of this once great… Continue

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BOOK LIST~Further your Biblical study

Most of these should be available through venues like Amazon Books..

What are you reading to further your Biblical study

I might suggest a few I have read in recent time.

I always state to Read, Read, Read your Bible cover to cover until it becomes one with you second to that is really research the historical background of what you believe in Yeshua makes it a president time after time to go…

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Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge

My take on Christology:

If all you know in your walk with G-D is what your seminary or Pastor is telling you and you have no mature Biblical study under your belt ~~~Do not read any further You will be offended OR you may find yourself asking questions Like why was I never instructed to the real roots of my faith.

It is time for "חכמה Chochmah, בינה Binah, דעת Da'at" [Hebrew]

("Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge" to come forth)

I am not a… Continue

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Israel's most important land~~

David Havari speaking from Israel

35 ACRES explores the most contentious piece of real estate on the face of the Earth. Holy for both Jews and Muslim the Sharam El Sharif/Temple Mount, is one of the most volatile areas in Jerusalem. Many say that those who control it, control the entire land. Igal Hecht's up-coming documentary 35 ACRES investigates what's happening in those 35 Acers, by documenting Palestinians and Israelis whose entire lives revolve around… Continue

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