Key #1-God's voice in our hearts sounds like a flow of spontaneous thoughts. Therefore, when I tune to God, I tune to spontaneity.
The Bible says that the Lord answered me and said...(Hab. 2:2) Habakkuk knew the sound of God's Voice. Elijah dscribed it as a still, small voice. I had aways listened for an inner audible voice, and surely God can and does speak that way at times. However, I have found that most of us, most of the time , God's inner voice comes to us a spontaneous thoughts, visions, feelings, or impressions. For example, haven't each of us had the experience of driving down the road and having a thought come to us to pray for a certain person? We generally acknowledge this to be the voice of God callus to pray for that individual. My question to you is, "What did God's voice sound like as you drove in your car? Was it an inner, audible voice, or was it a spontaneous thought that lit upon your mind?"Most of you would say that God's voice came to you as a spontaneous thought.

So I thougt to myself, "Maybe when I listen for God's voice, I hold be listening for a flow of spontaneous thoughts, impressions, feelings, and visions." Through experimentation and feedback from thousands of others, I am now convinced that this is so.

The Bible confirms this in many ways. The definition of page, the Hebrew word for intersession is "a chance encounter or an accidental intersecting." When God lays people on our hearts for intercession, He does it through paga, a chance encounter thought, accidentally intersecting our thought processes. Therefore,when I tune to God, I tune to chance encounter thoughts or spontaneous thoughts,. When I am poised quietly before God in prayer, I have found that the flow of spontaneous thoughts that comes is quite definitely from God.

Stayed tune for Key 2-

Prophetess Rebecca Hickson

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