45 Day Body Detoxification! Faith Fitness Shape Up Challenge!

45Day Detox
Cleansing the body from toxins and excess water and waste to begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The faith fitness shape up is a lifestyle change not just a weightloss competition. We are to learn how to take better care of our natural bodies with the way we eat, work,exercise and rest!

The 45 day detox consists of:

1-Fresh or frozen vegetables
2-whole fruits & nuts
3-water & fruit juices(all natural)
4-rice and whole grains (oats,granolas)
5-Dry beans (a great source of protein replacement while you are not eating meat)

Meals should be balanced:
Breakfast: Example

1- water/ detox Tea or herbal tea
1- bowl of oats plain or(sweetened with honey, cinnamon & Apple pieces)
1- 1/2 banana

1-water or fruit juice
1-Nuts, raisins, cranberries or Trail mix

1- salad(Romaine lettuce, carrotts, green peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions)
1- vinegrette homemade dressing, or no dressing

1-apple, Banana, orange/ pop corn no butter

1-water/ fruit juice/ detox tea/
1- red beans
1-squash/ cabbage/ fresh greens
(you may eat a piece of fruit or one cup of nuts or pop corn as a light snack after dinner)

*** Before going to bed always drink an 8oz glass of water*****

** no animal derived dairy products or meats(including pork,chicken,turkey or beef)
**after the first 2weeks of the detox you may introduce salmon, whiting, Tilapia, or trout into your detox plan to be eaten once a week(after the 1st two weeks of no meat)
** snacks such as cupcakes, pies, potato chips,,flavored or buttered popcorns are not allowed because of the sugar, oils and addictives. You may however have raisins, trail mixes (without chocolate or yogurt) and othernatural pop corn snacks you pop at home in the pot or pop corn maker..
No sodas are allowed, you may brew natural teas, to be sweetened with honey, or black coffee, you may also use soy milk products for cooking, baking or cereals.

Any questions please contact me at:
Gawwmin@yahoo.com or by my inbox!

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