Marriage & Divorce Survey (What Is Love For a Man & Woman)

I had to survey my self, just understanding as a man that respect is not better than love for a man, it is love for a man. we men have the same traits as our Father in heaven( as well as women) but as God loves praise, honor, respect, leadership(him being allowed to lead us) we men have been given this nature in us that this is how we reconize love, we men are not followers but leaders(visionaries) and respect to us is saying also to us that we are being allowed to lead. we can't take leadership we must be allowed to lead, i think this is where us men get frustrated at when we are not allowed to lead we sin against God when we try to take respect and leadership, we have just opened up to carnality and satan to rule us and our homes, this is why we(men) need to love God with all our heart because when we don't get the honor, respect, praise that we want in the natural we are filled and sustained by the spirit of God to operate in 1 corthin, 13 by not acting unseemly. but these traits of how we reconize love is are not something we asked for it is how God programmed us.

Women have been given the nature of God to feel love through emotion, a sense of (like God) knowing that she is number one and the apple of her mans eye. she understands love through understanding, commitment, security, sensitivaty, from her God and her man, these things are what draws her to God thats why woman are emotional in ther worship because God touches her in these areas of what he has put in her to reconize and receive love .

So as well with human kind trying to serve(love) God in his own way (theres a way that seemeth right to a man but the end is death) the way men and woman try to love each other out of there own way is causing death in a relationship or marriage. this is why God left us a manuel(the bible) to show us the way so we won't kill our relationships with our ignorance or rebellion(Pride) to do it the way God instructed us.

Reply Back let me know what you think.

We have to Stop the devil in his tracts in our marriages.

No more Divorces In Jesus Name.

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Comment by Linda Swanigan on September 28, 2007 at 11:53am
Amen, my brother I agree with you, there are so many divorces among the saints until it is scary and unreal. I allude to agree with you, a marriage is sustained by the very oracles in which God has set the standard of instructions for in his word.
When couples apply the instructions for marriage from the word of God, it will always be a rose everyday!

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