It is a subject that most folks are dealing with but dont not talk about because they feel like they are the only one who is experience marriage with out sex. Celibacy as we know it a com·mit·ment to God, whether if you are single and a leader. However, may couples are living a life of celibacy because of a spouse illness. And what is distrubing to me is that in some states, it is ground for divorce. What ever happen to until death do us part. As we see in the media some celibrities are getting marriage and it only last a year or so, if they are lucky. But what about God's people. Is it right to leave a mate because they are not longer able to produce sexully? what do you think? There is book at called Married Celibate and Saved. check it out if you can. ISBN 978-0-615-24641-3

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