Wow! The move of God in this season is an awesome move and I hear in my spirit over and over that this outpouring is for those that choose to receive it . We have walked and to some extent continue to walk in a season of church as usual but there is a fresh wind of repentence individually and cooperately that is sweeping the land. The thing about wind is that it blows on everyone but not all react or respond the same when it blows. This is a season of being and doing.

Know that I speak it in love when I say God is not blessing what he didn't ordain. In the past some "good ideas" prospered but that season has passed and it is the plans and purposes of the Lord that will go forth with mighty power in this season. Those that decide to continue on their current courses and not 'shift with the shifting' will find themselves shaking their heads and wondering "what happened?"

Many churches small and large will begin to see membership drop and finances dwindle, staff members will come under attack. Leaders not aligned with God's righteousness will have the covers pulled back and exposure will take place. In the last five years we have watched God prune the church as he calls The Body to the forefront of the church, get ready another round of pruning is on the way.
Am I prophesying destruction? Judgment must begin at the house of the God...... there are people 'in the house' that will be able to stand. The question is, are you one of those people?
This season presents us with a choice and it's not the choice of the past where many were saved and went through the motions, this is a different wind that will penetrate to the very core of a person and it's going to blow on everyone. This season is a labors season; the harvest is ready and in many ways overripe.
With an assignment to cry aloud and spare not and to speak the truth in love I must say that we've had seasons of shaking before but this will be different and will be up close and personal for each of us. Don't get fearful and discouraged; reposition yourself. There is a 'planting' and a 'sure place' for those that choose to receive this outpouring. It's your choice. Hear what the Spirit is saying!

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Comment by Minister Sharon Jackson on September 22, 2008 at 11:10pm
Thanks for the Prophetic Word!

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