Original Creation of God Gen.1:1
The original creations of God include the heavens and the earth and all things therein as first brought into being.
They were made Perfect The First Time. Gen.1:1 refers to the Dateless past, or the beginning of the creative ages(Job 38 Ps.8:3-8 19:1-6 Pr.8:22-31 1Jn.1:3;10 Acts.17:24-26 Col.1:15-18 Heb.1:1-12,11:3 Rev.4:11).
The 6 days of Re-creation(Gen.1:3-2:25) are a part of and the end of the Creative ages, and have nothing to do with the Original creations of the heaven and earth.
God in the eternal past.
That God existed from all eternity is very clear in scripture.(Ps.90:2;93:2 Pr.8:22-31 Mic.5:2 Jn.1:1-3 Heb.9:14 Rev.1:4-8; 4:8; 22:5,13).What He did in All The Dateless Past, Besides create the Spiritual Moral, and Material universe is not reveled(Dt.29:29)
Age of the earth Gen.1:1
We can not say how old the earth is because we do not know! When the beginning was? God’s creation of the heavens and the earth in the beginning could have been millions and billions of years ago. If geologist can prove the age of the earth to be what they claim, we have no Scriptural authority to disagree, They cannot contradict the Bible, for it does not reveal anytime element in connection with the earth’s Original creation.
This much is certain, according to Scripture that the earth is more than 6,000 yrs. Old. And there were inhabitants on the earth before the days of Adam.
The earth was cursed and flooded as in Gen.1:2 because of sin before the 6days of re-creation in Gen.1:3-2:25.(Here we go I am going to mess up all that doctrine of man here)Lucifer was already a fallen creature when he came into Adams Eden. Having already ruled the earth, rebelled and caused the first flood(Gen.1:2 Isa.14:12-14 Jer.4:23-26 Ezek.28:11-17 Lk.10:18 2Pet.3:5-8).

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