My new birth experience was in a humble and somewhat traditional Pentecostal church. My Pastor a wonderful man with a true heart for fulfilling God's Ephesian 4 commission took me under his wing and nurtured me saying that "God was doing a quick work" in me. I felt it and understood what he meant and dedicated myself to prayer, study and walking upright before the Lord.
My new birth and early growth process was wonderful and exciting except one thing; I thought I had lost my son to the enemy.

I felt I had waited to late (my drawing process started when I was ten years old) to get serious about walking with Jesus and had missed out on a lot and lost a lot of time in bringing my son up in the things of God. In his teenage years he had some behaviour challenges that weighed heavily on me and had the potential for costing him his life and/or his personal freedom. The enemy used a multitude of negative thought processes as a point of oppressing me for several years. I remember crying out to God as I walked through some not-so-good experiences with my son for his soul to be saved even if it was saved in death. This was one of the most difficult prayers I have ever prayed! It deeply pierced me and left me spiritually bruised. Some things in life just go deep to the core of our being...for me this was one of those things.

I can still remember the day that my breakout came. I say breakout because it was more than a break-through. I believe in breakthroughs but many of us need some break-outs!
In some instances a breakthrough will allow you to partially cross a threshold and not come all the way out …… partially in and partially out. God has some breakouts on the horizon for those that will PUSH to be completely made whole!

There is a very evil work practiced today called partial birth abortion, I encourage you to Google this subject, you'll definitely be moved to pray and to act! In partial birth abortion, labor is induced and the baby is made to break through the mother's womb only to the base of the head. The baby is not allowed to break out of the womb because what they do to the baby would then be termed murder …but because it's ONLY a breakthrough and not a breakout they can legally get away with murder.

This is how the enemy works, he allows many to get a breakthrough and to be partially delivered or get a taste of being FREE INDEED and it's spiritually legal. Being half in and half out is the same as being straddle the fence or lukewarm (Revelation 3:16). The enemy wants us to taste of God's liberty and wholeness by breaking through but God's desire for us is that we would break out. We can possess and walk in his liberty and be whole. and completely OUT of our bondage.

This is a delicate subject because I am watching many believers with sincere hearts see the purposes and destiny of God for their life be aborted because they have come to the point of deliverance by way of a breakthough experience and not a break out. Beloved, there are some things that we have to come OUT of before we can walk in what God has for us.

Yes, deliverance is progressive and a daily process, even in that some lingered at the point of partiality intentionally and on purpose (see my blog: Some People Like Their Bondage) but the enemy is taking full advantage of the half in half out position and he's aborting the vision!

Jesus is the Lord of the breakthough but in your next dimension he wants to be Lord of the Break OUT! Will you allow him to break you out of any oppression, suppression, depression and negative thought patterns? To give you an expected end (Jeremiah 29:11) of liberty (2 Cor 3:17). If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be FREE INDEED (John 8:36). This current wind of God carries with it an anointing to break you out!

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