As you all know we as African Americans have made history. There is a Black man actually running for President of The United States. Although I do not know this man personally I must admit that I am very proud of him and his courage to pick up the baton and run with it. We as African Americans, Black People, Negroes, or how ever you may refer to us have indeed come a long ways but we have a lot further to go. We have been awarded an opportunity to make a change and it is our duty to take this opportunity.
I know that there will be some people on election day voting for Mr. Obama because he is Black which is within your rights. There will be some that will not vote for him because he is Black that is also within your rights. Some of you will vote for McCain that too is within your rights. As read this think about those rights and the people who fought the good fight so you can have those rights and utilize them, people who was beaten, jailed, and was killed so you would have the right to elect a white man, a white woman, black man, black woman, hispanic man, or a hispanic woman to whatever position. On November 4th Please get out and Vote. Do not let the ones before us hardship be in vain. Lets show them that we are so very greatful for the path that they have paved for us.

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