Why aren't the ministers speaking out about police brutality

I often wonder why the ministers are not speaking out against this aggression that the police or offering up daily on some of our young children they not only abruise men they are aggressive with our men and women , im talking about all races i think they do it because they allways get away with it . there have been some occasions where black men have been stopped and search just for riding in a nice car i am wondering how we can stop this aggression from law inforcers i think there's a sprit out ther trying to keep our young men affaid to get a nice car because they are affraid of being stopped and beaten an tazed.........i remember when i was growing up it was a little different; dont' get me wrong there maybe some good ones out there i wonder when will the ministers come out against this;

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Comment by Marvin Crazy Crawford on December 20, 2007 at 6:49am
This is such a needed question, but one that history provides the anwer. The only way for any oppression or abuse to be rectified is by the constant focus and unified action to combat it. While this should first begin on the spiritual front it should only be the beginning.

Remember the word boycott? This was an attack economically which stifled the oppressors in the area that they NEVER EXPECTED!
While I am NOT a preacher, I do understand that this nation or any nation never does what is EXPECTED only what is INSPECTED.
Our preachers need to be boycotted as well if they are not going to represent the God that they claim to represent and aggressivly protect his people.

We are abused by police officials in part because this is and has always been a racist nation that has always abused it's strength. Remember slavery? and how we got here? how many years ago was it abolished?
well, whatever, year we think, what law can be passed that abolishes it in the heart and spirit?

I do believe that we as people of God must stop being spiritual freeloaders and also aggressivly join forces WITH the men and women of God that DOES his will and DO BATTLE on all fronts with a clear goal in mind.
Then , I believe and only then will we get the job done!


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