Glutton why are we over indulging in food it seems to be the enemy for blacks. We have success in everything else but why have we not conquered this issue? God said we are more than conquers I selected this picture of mine to post on this Christian site because this is one subject we don't like to talk about. I want to help other take care of their Temple the way God has intended it to be used to worship and praise him. If you look at the stats we are dying early getting heart disease diabetes etc. You name all in the name of Glutton. I 'm not here to put any one down just want to talk about what we can do about it. I personal train 3 days a week and fast. Fasting is a very important part of maintaining the Temple. I like to help any way I can so feel free to email or post your comments. Lets talk about it.LJ

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Comment by Minister M on August 6, 2009 at 1:08am
Overeating issues are heart issues which have their root in sin. The first sin was manifest through the lure of food. Many good dates that ended up in bad relationships started because someone was invited to dinner.
Comment by Dawn Davidson on March 17, 2009 at 12:34pm
I am coming under conviction myself and finding your page only seals the deal! My biggest issue is maintaining a work-out routine, I am great at starting them (lol). I would also like to incorporate fasting for spiritual benefits but to also help discipline my flesh as well. I write alot so I am sitting for much of the time and spend the rest of my hours taking care of other people, house and children. Today I stayed locked in prayer while on the treadmill and found that I hardly felt the passage of time! I will stick to this as I grow. My diet is not typically bad although I afford myself treats, but basically fruits and veggies. Bread and cereal is a downfall however, I will admit to that. Would appreciate any of your comments. Thanks for this post.

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