Heavenly Father I come to you with a Humble Spirit, Asking.. You to forgive me of the sins.. that I have committed against thee in the Mighty Name of Jesus, Search my heart Lord and take out everything that Is not like you. Wash me in the Blood of Jesus. I Love You Lord, I adore You, I Praise Your Holy name.

Lord, Come to you Lifting up everyone that is reading this Blog. Lord, In the name of Jesus. I pray for their health, and minds.. Lord, if they need to be delivered from any ways.. that are not like you, i pray for deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus. Lord, if they need a blessing... I pray for blessings.. to fall down on them right now! in the name of Jesus.

Lord, I apply the Blood of Jesus over Our Bisiness, Minitries, Jobs, Families, Marriages, Singles, I apply the Blood of Jesus: Over Finances, Church Buildings, the Homeless. I confess that Jesus is Lord over families, marriages, Schools, Children... Where the POWER! Presence and the Blood of Jesus is: Sickness, Poverty, Problems and even Death can't remain.

Lord, this New Year! (2008) that you have allowed us to see... I pray for the Spirit of Forgiveness to fall down in the Lands.. and on Your People. For every person that has every done or said to the people reading this Blog, I pray that they will learn to bless them, that have wrong them, in the Name of Jesus Christ. I ask You to forgive and bless them in the Name of Jeus Christ according the Book of: John 14:14. Lord, forgive us for any hard feelings we may have against the ones that have wrong us. Fill us with Love, and the Spirit of Forgiveness. Lord, those that we have wronged.. forgive us, O Lord. Lord Jesus, Give us the Spirit of Love to go to those that we have wronged.. and ask them to Forgive us. Lord, Your will be done in the name of Jesus.

Heavenly Father, there are times we know not what we do. When Your only begotten Son Jesus. Was on the Cross He said.. " FORGIVE THEM FATHER FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO." Lord, Forgive us on today. Wash us in the Blood of Jesus. Lord Jesus, I thank You for another day and Year that was not Promised.. Thank You, Lord for clothing.. us in Our right minds.. on today. Thank You, for the Activites of Our Limbs.. and thank You for the Spirit of Forgiveness... and Thank You for Your Perecious Son Jesus Christ. Jesus., thank you for the Holy Spirit. In Jesus name. I Pray.. Amen. and Amen.

Love and Peace Be With You,

Tracy Lawanda,

Servant/ Prayer Warrior/ Certified Chaplain

2008 is Our Year to Elevate Higher.. in the Lord and Higher.. in Prayer..

My Motto:

A New Morning.. is a New Beginning.. To get it Right."

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Comment by barbara lockhart on January 10, 2008 at 12:26pm
p.s. that was a wonderful pray keep it up. god bless sister tiller

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