What About Me, Lord? When?

Have you ever been in a position that you can encourage people and God gives you the words to say to them and everything that you say to them comes to pass because it was God that used you to send the message? Then, you receive prohphecy after prophecy after prophecy about what God has in store for you and he even gives you instructions on how to keep your deliverance and give you instructions how to receive your promise. And you do all that he has asked you to do. You stay intimate with Him and Stay in relationship with him, you give like he asks you to give, You stay in his word but it seems like the promise has just not came to pass. He speaks to you about what he has in store for you during your quiet time with him and you separate yourself from things and people that he tells you. But then question comes up ok, Lord What about me? Everyone's lives that you have instructed me to speak in and I seen with my own eyes it come to pass but WHAT ABOUT ME? WHEN WILL I RECEIVE ! MY PROMISE? I even seen those that you have blessed take their eyes off of the Blesser which is you and focused more on the Blessing and turned the Blessing into their god and because they have turned the blessing into their god the blessing has been became a curse because they took their eyes off of you but WHAT ABOUT ME? And all this time I am talking about me, myself, and I. I have asked God over and over again, WHAT ABOUT ME?

He asked me what is more important Him or the Blessing? What is more important The Blesser or the Blessing? He said I woke you up this morning, I clothed, you are not hungry, I gave you a car to drive, I gave you a job that pays your bills, you are not homeless, I provide more than enough for you so that you can provide for others. My Spirit I allow to live in you. I took you from being nothing in my eye sight to being Special in my eye sight. Things didn't happen by chance in your life it happened by FAVOR! Accidents, pain, hurt, your body being used for satisfaction and fulfilled desires for others, and disappointments did not happen because of evil people but I allowed it to happen because I HAVE CHOSEN YOU TO HELP SOMEONE ELSE OUT OF THE SAME SITUATIONS. SO THAT THEY KNOW I CAN MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE BECOME POSSIBLE BECAUSE I AM GOD. I CAN TURN RAGS TO RICHES BY JUST SPEAKING IT! IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU BUT IT IS ABOUT ME! JUST WALK UPRIGHT BEFORE ME AND BE PLEASING IN MY EYE SIGHT. DON'T FOCUS ON WHAT I HAVE FOR YOU BUT FOCUS ON ME! WHEN I SEE YOU HAVE COMPLETE FOCUS ON ME THAT IS WHEN I CAN TRUST YOU WITH WHAT I HAVE FOR YOU!

Now I know what they mean when they say FAVOR IS JUST NOT FAIR! BUT IT IS ALL GOOD! When God can trust you with what He has for you that is when he can send your blessing.

You all be encouraged!

Y. Pastor RLS/Pinky

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Comment by Jakki Gilchrist on December 15, 2008 at 3:18pm
Oh Myyyy! I must comment on this as soon as I get a chance.

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