Black signifies the negative aspects of human life, for example terror, death, disease, famine, evil, sorrow and mourning.

Several Hebrew words are used for example:

'cochereth' meaning black stone used in paving
'iyshown' meaning middle of the night (deepest blackness)
'qadar' meaning to mourn or to be dark
'shachor' meaning black
kkimriyr meaning blackness or gloominess
The Greek word 'gnophos' means blackness, darkness or gloom

The colour black is associated with:

Disease (Job 30:30
The middle of the night (Prov 7:9)
Mourning and sorrow (Jer 8:21)
The dying and dead (Lam 4:8) Death (Jude 1:12-13
The sky turning black (Jer 4:28
The darkening of the sun and moon (Joel l2:10)
Black Horses (Zech 6:2; Rev 6:5)
The stone Marble (Esther 1:6)
However there is an exception where black refers to healthy hair -Song 5:11; Matt 5:36

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