Wednesday, April 25, 2007


waiting upon the Lord. He knows the cries of your heart and has heard your supplication. Keep waiting upon him. Be on guard against the seeds of doubt that the enemy is sending into your heart. Do not be discouraged by the things you see with your eyes, instead keep your eyes focused on the things of the Lord. Be on guard. The enemy's desire is for you to walk away before you can receive your full inheritance. DO NOT GIVE UP. Even now there is doubt raging battle against your faith. Don't you know that it is that very same doubt that is keeping you in bondage. Rise up of Spirit of the Living God and break through the Spirit of doubt that has encamped around their hearts!

Be encouraged by the promises of the Lord. Be brave enough to accept that those promises are for you. Be brave enough to believe them and brave enough to receive them. There are those of you who have been waiting for your miracle for a very long time. You say to the Lord "Don't you know the time is almost up!" Hear what the Lord is saying to you. "My timing is perfect, My will is perfect. Don't you know that it is my desire for you to be called blessed among the nations. Why to you weep? Do you not trust that I have your best interest at heart? Arise and mourn no more. For I have come to restore the tabernacle of praise in your heart so that you will be a testament to those that seek my face. Do not worry about tomorrow for I have ordered all the days of your life. I know what lays in waits for you. Nothing has escaped my attention. Do you honestly believe that I would bring you to ruin. Would a mother or father plot the destruction of their own children? NO, so why do you believe that I would plot against you? You are my child. I formed you. I do not seek for you to be destroyed. I seek for you to be restored into my likeness. Arise my fair one, my beloved and weep no more. For I am with you" says the Lord.

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