Hello my name is Emmanuel. I am The Founder and Creator of "Light OF

The World Inspirational Group" which is part of a new movement "The Grass

Roots Community Movement" which picks up where the Civil Right's

Movement Ended. I ask God how can I make a differance in the Black

Community and also uplift my people that is stuck in the inner city ghettos.

The Lord instructed me to create a Web Journal so that I can network with

positive like minded Christian Brother's and Sister's across the nation. My

first task is to unite all the differant denominations in our community

before we can tackle this huge issue. No I am not a racist nor am I a

separatist I want to see my people move beyond the stereotypes for ghetto

youths. Those of us who are in social positions are responsible at lease

mortally to get involved with issues facing our people nationwide. We as a

people must tell both political parties to listen to our point of view and do

something immediately to improve our situation.

This group is focus on economic justice, community organization, and

political causes that would improve our communities nationwide. I am

deeply influenced by Dr. King's dream of a better future for America and my
mission is to carry that dream forward and keep Dr.King's legacy alive. We

are now the "dream generation" in the 21st century. We're still spending

more money on our military than we are on programs for social uplift.

Dr.King said it best that if we're still spending more money on our military

than on our programs, then our country is headed toward a spiritual death,

and we are. These battles are similar to the battles King was fighting

at the end of his life. I believe that New Orleans is our Birmingham, and I

do believe that Iraq is our Vietnam for the 21st century. For me to create

his group was inspiring, becauseour voice collective nationwide can have a

huge impact. Particularly using the Gospel for change, trying to create social

change through public forms. The most urgent issues of this day, includes

poverty and racial reconciliation, and religious liberty, and the family.

We can not allow our children to continue this cycle of violence we must take

a stand and The Christian Community needs to be on the front lines with

me. I apply the word of God with social issue to take a stand

against injustice, senseless violence, and the lack of resources in our

communities nationwide. This movement can become a model for other

communities but for now this is my way of giving back to my community

and to uplift our People. This group is for Real People who want Real

solutions to Real Problems.


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