well my ? is simple. why are so many people conviced that the way we use tongues in the church today in alot of churchs is o.k., when in fact its out of order. ive been going to church since 1991 and alot of people would say thats not long, but its long enogh to know that the scripture says in acts 2 v:1-4 that they were filled with the holy spirit. now most pastors ive taLked to will finish there and not read the rest. now most pastors will teach that you should read the whole scripture and then find the meaning. yet so many when explaining this passage will not do so. if you continue it will bare out the truth about the these particular scripures. it says they spoke in different languages. then if you read in 1 cor. ch:14 v:22 and on it says that tongues is for the unbeliever, and further up it says let 2 and no more than 3 speak in church, and let there be an interpretation. also with prophesying. yet i see alot of preachers speak in tongues while preaching, while singing, and talking. its a simple ?. most never answer and just ignore what i ask. but i tell them if im wrong then lteach me. i pray lord reveal it to me through scripture not a mans ideal, philosophys, traditions, or religion. my personal opinion is that most people have comercialized the church to the point that most preachers know that if the people feel good in there church then they will stay and in turn build numbers, and hence his pocket book. to many times i see alot of preachers trying to be someone they idolize on the christian t.v. then trying to be more like JESUS. when ive taked to many pastors they have told me in private they believe what im saying because its biblical, but wont bring it up becuase there particular denomination will fire or remove them from the pulpit. its sad to see alot of men and women preaching one thing but in the end really are hurtiing the bride of christ. i guess its true like the old testament prophets said, in the last days the shepards would becomse as useless dogs, and in the new testament, where it says some shepards will shepard only for pay. how sad, no wonder were not reaching the lost. they see the game and hustle. like they say in the street, and all of us have done are fare share out in the world, they say game recognizes game. it would be nice to have and get feed back. may GOD bless you and i look forward to discussion with some of you. many places will just kick you off because they say its herasee to say such things, but like i tell them its in black and white. cant mistake that. this is not to offend or start any arguments, but to talk and reason and learn more of the word. so if you wanna argue please do not respond. this is just a ?. , so please be patient with me. ive been in ministry since 1991 and i am i senior pastor so there is no ill will toward what anyone believes just a ?. thank you for your time and consideration to respond.



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