MATHEW 5:14.
God did not compare you to a village.He compared you to a city, not just any city but one set on a hill.
The collins dictionary defines the word city as; a large or important town; a town that has received this title from the ruling authority.This means that, the power or the monarchy of heaven has conferred on you a city status.
You are like the city of Zion strategically positioned on a hill for all to see.Your feet are set upon a rock and your head is set above your enemies. HALLELUYAH!!!!
You see your maker doesnt want you to be hidden.He wants you to be explictly exposed.In that case he's very proud of you and is telling the devil and the world, ''see that child of mine? Isnt he wonderful?'' Your talents, gifts, potential ,creativity, character and vision are all well expressed under this marvellous light. You are called to STAND OUT!!. I f you are a timid person that almost breaks down when the spotlight is on you, prepare for change because we're called to be seen and not be hidden.

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