About To Walk Into A Brand New Year, With A Brand New Experience Taking Place In My Life As I Speak. I Have Always Known That The Calling On My Life Was For The Last Days, And I Am Excited. I Have Felt The Power Of God Many, Many Many Times, But Never Like I Have In The Last Six Months. I Know That I Am In The Place With The Lord That I Have Always Dreamed, And Though I Am In No Wise Perfect, I Am Closer To Him Than Ever In My Life. When We Get To The Right Place At The Right Time With The Right Heat Then, And Only Then Will God Move Us Upward. The Word Of God That I Have Studied For 34 Years Has Taken On A Whole New Meaning To This Servant, And The Messages Are Coming With Fire. There Is A Total Fresh Anointing That Is Breaking The Yolks In Peoples Lives Right Before My Eyes, And That Is Due To The Power Of God, (It Is Not Me). God Has Given Me A Brand New Way Of Seeing All People And Though Some Of The People Are Bad, He Is Helping Me To See The Good. The Love That I Have Always Had For All People, No Matter Their, Race, Creed Or Color Has Been Multiplied Far Beyond What I Could Ever Dream Of. And Let Me Say, Yes I Am In Battles Just Like Everyonne Else, But I Am Happier In Jesus Righ Now, Than Ever In My Life Before. The Fresh Anointing On My Life Is Blessing Others And I Know That I Am Walking The Right Direction On The Right Road. God Bless Each Servant Of The Lord, And We Love You With All Our Heart.

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