Some would ask today. What is God doing with His people? Why is God not doing what would appear on the outside to be a divine work or a heavenly work with His people?

Is 14:32 “And what is one to answer the messengers of the nation? That Adonai founded
Tziyon, and there the poor of His people will find refuge.” Ps. 87:1-7

Mt. 5:3 “How blessed are the poor in Spirit! For the kingdom of heaven is theirs”.
Mt. 5:8 “Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God”

God forms the heart, and manifests Himself to His people by first with the gift of salvation, the first fruit unto the glory of Jesus and the deliverance from the destroyer. God then begins the process of building the kingdom of God in the heart through a gift of faith.
Pro. 24:3 Through Gods wisdom all things are built, and established by understanding.

Jesus fulfills the New Testament prophecies speaking of the kingdom in plain language.
Mt 5:3-12 A pattern of a believers appearance not on the outward, but on the inward most part, the heart. The heart is the most central part of every believer. There is where the real work begins, and is finished. Jesus is the author, and finisher of our faith. The believers faith is what God requires to receive the robe of righteousness that is perfection in Christ Jesus.

It all begins with the heart, but it doesn’t end there. No, God will build the heart into a habitation for himself a place of mutual trust in relationship through the knowledge of Gods Word, and the understanding of a trusting relationship with Him. God forms the heart of His people to trust only in Him.

Like our heavenly Father, as we think in our heart things begin to come to pass for God gives the godly desires of the heart. If what we believe in our heart is what we think about, and that is God, His purpose, His plan, His holy and righteous way, you’ve made a place for Him in your heart. In our hearts is where we all must make a stand for God and His divine plan for us as Gods chosen believers.

The will of the Father is that all would come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ laying hold of eternal life in Christ Jesus, Gods Holy anointed Word alive in the heart. It begins with a broken spirit (a broken heart only God can fix). Mt 5:3 To obtain the kingdom it will take being broken to your sin, receiving a new spirit. A spirit of the living God His Spirit to give understanding in His kingdom.

Gods Holy Spirit is given as an earnest deposit until Jesus returns to fulfill all things. A new spirit given, born of God becoming new to a new world, a spirit that sees the kingdom clearly and the work of building Gods kingdom made sure. With this new spirit given that now sees how far from God, and now knows how far God has brought them out of darkness which gives unspeakable joy and a mourning. Those who mourn in Zion will God comfort.
God knows how far you were away from Him, and He will comfort you as a new believer. New believers are babes in Christ. New believers are meek needing feed the milk of the Word of God, growing faith and giving access into more of the spirit realm. God continually reveals himself to the new believer in fellowship through the faithfulness of the believer. Faith with desire is given of God to babes. The desire for right living in the kingdom of God only can come from God, and He fills that righteous void in all of mankind to all those who receive Jesus.

When the believer becomes compassionate, and gives of himself to the lost a Word from God it pierces the darkness. This is to show Gods mercy, a gift to those who are sealed with the promise of the faith an earnest deposit of Gods Spirit. That’s why new Christians want to witness with such Godly zeal. Why? Again, because they have the mercy of God given them. In the process of the fellowship in God His Word placed in their hearts purifying the place where God resides. The heart and mind of Gods children and plan is not complicated God desires and begins to reveal Himself to the believer in the deepest way through Jesus.

In the believers pursuit of the presence of God, and the experience of a divine deliverance the weight of sin is gone and the desires to fellowships with God multiplies. The devil the destroyer hates this relationship as he did in the Garden of Eden in the beginning. But God allows testing even today because it is the trying of the faith that brings perfection. Why do bad things always seem to happen to good people? Because God allows persecution to the perfecting of faith in the believing with a trusting relationship with Him.

God our creator knows that it is the trying of faith with persecutions perfection comes and God will not allow more than any saint can handle, and God will never allow more than that saint is able to withstand. All this is in the cycle of life, the perfect plan of God. All of Gods chosen children are to grow in faith, and in a loving relationship with Him.

All heaven, and earth grown, and waits for the manifestation of the sons of God, and to declare the goodness of God. However, man is given a choice. A choice is given to choose to accept God, or reject Him. Ps 87:1-5 The springs of living water are there to drink in Zion. The water of life is in the gospel of grace in Christ Jesus. Grace, and truth have come and God gives the choice to choose. Jn 1:17 Take the water of life freely and drink. God has ordained His seed to prosper. Zec 8:12 Gods seed never returns void. Now the question is asked is God working in your life with signs of a new life in Christ. Be blessed if the kingdom signs are evident and that the life you posses is the life in Christ Jesus.

Blessings Steven

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