Kindom Divided
In the book of Matthew 12:25 Jesus States "every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation;and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.

Once again I'm taking the time to talk to the church that I love. Jesus gave Peter the keys to the Kingdom not the church. When did we move from kingdom to church. When you are church its easy to be divided. Isolated and Insulated. Are you Kingdom minded or Church minded?

Kingdom is the sphere of the kings control. Jesus should control every aspect of ministry, if he is in control then he rules and reigns in our lives he rules and reigns supreme. His mind becomes our mind His heart becomes our heart His desire becomes our desire. Not by magic or osmosis but through our submission to his word and our desire to live by kingdom principles; We become what he intended Disciples. Jesus told his disciples to go and make disciples; a disciple is disciplined to do the will of the master. that is kingdom.

Church is the ecclesia the called out ones. In Gods mind church and kingdom are the same. the following is what we have made CHURCH.
Ruled and Governed and controlled by man. If Jesus showed up at some of our churches on Sunday we would tell him he is not welcome. Our worship tells him he is not welcome because we will not deviate from our programs. Our preaching tells him he is not welcome because we get messages off the internet or copy from another preacher to get the job done; instead of laying before him and seeking his face for a word. Our ministry tells him he is not welcome because we minister to those that are clean, smell good and look good. We ride by hundreds of the very people that Jesus would be surrounded by to Minister to those that are whole. Church allows us to Isolate from other believers and Insulate ourselves in our self rightous holier than thou attitudes. Church allows you to surround your self with people that think just like you and dismiss those that dont. This Mindset and attitude has caused us to be desolate...empty and many doors are closing because we are a kingdom divided. This is the Hour that the king is calling all of us to a place where we will let him be in control. Not your doctrine. Many doctrines are divisive because they allow you to feel superior in your revelation and that superiority moves us away from Christ and his Body and we become desolate. I submit all of us need to reevaluate our mindset and put on the mind of Christ because he came to establish his kingdom in the Earth and that is you.

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Comment by PRAYER NATIONAL GLOBAL MINISTRY on January 27, 2009 at 3:27pm
May God Bless You Bishop for this awesome spirit filled word. I can't wait to see the day when we will understand the truth of worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth. I pray for the churches that won't let God in and I praise God for the ones that do. Please continue with your powerful messages that are so needed during this hour.

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