By Min.Kenneth R. Jenkins

"Therefore my heart is glad,and my glory rejoiceth: my flesh also shall rest in hope." Psalms 16:9

Here I sit writting this blog after an incident that nearly happened to me not so many days ago this week in which I should of listened to my body but I didn't.

I gotten out of bed my body felt very,very drained So I thought to myself if I just get in the shower I feel a lot better well that's what I hoped so. I did felt a lot better after getting out of the shower ate a little something and took my mediences the doctor ordered me to take. We went on the bus and we reached our stop Ifelt ok so Ithought. Walked towards the building we worked at felt out breath the first time. My wife was concerned about that the first time and she was a bit shaken up about what happen. So I walked some more towards the building again and I almost fainted but I feel into my wife's arms and that was then we walked to Emergency Room and she called my boss to let me know what happened. My concern was my wife and her mental state of this but she did a wonderful job and was determined to rush me to ER.

Vanessa called my boss and she gave my mom a call to let her know what happen and mom called my little brother Kevin to let him know also and she called her mom to let her also. There Vanessa sat by with me during the whle time while nurses check my vitals, get urine and blood samples and EKG to determine what happened to me. I laid a bit drained and rested for a change.

The doctor found nothing wrong but they may thought it may have been a small problem.

The point of this that we all should learn how to REST! Ministers,no matter how busy you are between working and if you have a regular job----REST! I thank God for my wife who cared for me!

Remember,no matter how busy you are or get get some of rest.You have one body so take good care of it.....

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