The year is now 2009 and it is time for a new beginning, the time has come for all of us to discard all of the disappointments, and the heartaches, the miseries, the loneliness, and the sadness along with the years’ end.
As the clock, slowly moves up to the New Year it is time to re-evaluate our dreams, our needs, and our desirers. As we look forward to this New Year and a New Beginning, we must give praise to Almighty God, the one who brought us through the end of 2008. Every trial and tribulation we have in life is just a test, a test that we fail or pass through our strength and faith in God and ourselves. God does not make mistakes, he does not bring us to anything that he will not or cannot bring us through.. God love for us is so strong that he allowed his only son to be sacrificed for our sins to give us salvation.
In the year 2009, we must stay strong, believe in ourselves, and believe in God. Through God, all things are possible. No matter what the problem is, God is the answer. Remember my friends in time all things will pass away but God’s words and his love remains the same. So remember your dreams and believe in them for through God you can have everything your heart desires and more. Stop looking in the past and look towards the future where the lights are shinning brightly and your hopes and dreams are blooming. Take the time to help your fellow man in anyway you can, sometimes a smile can make a difference. Although we are not perfect by any means but we are striving to walk a Christian life always think about what God would do. You maybe surprise how much easier life maybe.

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Comment by Tara Robinson on January 6, 2009 at 10:54pm
Amen and Amen .

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