The Lord dropped a word in my SPIRIT which was ''METHUSELAH "(GEN.5:27) which literally means translated in hebrew " HIS DEATH WILL BRING JUDGEMENT " Hear ye the word of the Lord , " This year is a year of definition,descision and clarificartion( I PETER 4:17-18). Depart from all evil and wickedness and seek ye the Lord with all your heart. As a sign some major figures,personalities, situations and conditions must die this year to bring us back to me...( ISAIAH 6:1-2). I wil judge some prophets harshly ( II PETER 2 ) but i'm raising genuine prophets that would be bold not bought or sold.......

I will use my prophets to declare and decree athing ( I CHRONICLES 12:32 ). A generation of prophets like the son of ISACHAAR... Many ministries will go under and some i will shorten their lives ( I COR. 3: 15,16.. ROM. 13 :11-14 ). Even in this economic depresion my church will rise and i not man will make a clear disctinction between the EGYPTIANS and the children of Goshen( ISRAEL ) ECCLES. 2:26 , EXODUS 12 :33-36. The conflict in the middleast will continue to intensify___ I hear " MARSHALL LAW " GOVERNMENT producing laws,prescribed drugs, infections and viruses to control population derived out of greed(MONEY). This election was a smokescreen to mantain the people calm and relax........PUT YOUR TRUST NOT IN MAN ! II TIMOTHY 3: 1-9 . For I will judge the spirit of HARLOTRY,ESMIRNIAN AND LAODICEAN IN THE CHURCH ! ( APOC. 2: 8-11 , APOC. 3 : 14-22 )

For I will judge NEW YORK CITY for it is a land of judges and they have stoned my prophets.....Where once it was known to be a land of fire and revivAL ..it would be barren.... TAMPA ! TAMPA ! A hedge of protection fell for the downfall of GENERALS (crime,rascism,tensions,corruption) and you also will be judged...... I WILL EXPOSE ALL COUNTERFEIT REVIVAL.....AND bring revival upon the land ! I will raise the hedge protection again because of the faithful remnant. MEXICO GET READY FOR A GREAT VISITATION OF THE SPIRIT....... CORRUPTION AND VIOLENCE WILL BE JUDGED... (Wheres sin abounds GRACE WILL OVER ABOUND). GOD is raisng prophets in AFRICA AND LATINAMERICA that would come to america(USA) to bring a message of repentance (AMERICA COME BACK TO GOD )


'' Even in this economic depresion, my CHURCH will will rise.....I'm bringing my people to a place where there will be 12 STREAMS OF INCOME. I will judge the spirit of DOUBT,FEAR AND PROCRASTINATION that has tormented my CHURCH for years and decades.... AND those RULING...I will bring judgement to the house...but my CHURCH will not see n or taste economic depresion...TO those that hear the PROPHETS a shifting will come for i have set my PROPHETS TO GUIDE. My KINGDOM is greater.....for where there are PROPHETS i'm bringing judgement to some and increase to others. YES I stand BOLD and bring shame to the PROPHETS that are grieving my people...many will fall dead and see that I AM GOD...I MEAN WHAT I SAY because of lies ...many in the body of CHRIST have been robbed ! I'M releasing stamina on the PROPHETS not to be victims no more but VICTORS....SOME feel like ELIJAH but i have a strong remanat of 7,000 PROPHETS.. I have raised a REMNANT to shift and bring stability...PROPHETS that would birth a nation,PROPHETS THAT WOULD BIRTH A NATION ! NO longer shall my PROPHETS be a victim of ridicule or mockery for those practising such acts shall be judged...for I WILL ENDORSE and back up my PROPHETS ! YEA , I WILL establish the PROPHETS in the market place ..seen and heard on secular t.v, talk show ,...PROPHETIC REVIVAL seen broadcasted... BOLD PROPHETS for tremendous anointing of acuracy that would impact the world...FOR I WILL FIGHT FOR THEM !


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