A Reality Check about Saving the Lost: Please Read This!!!!!!

Recently, we at Crossheart Solutions, has been noticing and trying to understand what can we do to help ministries win souls and the wayward Christian back to the Body of Christ; and with the avenues of the internet, we can be more effect, but it is not what we have been excepted.
When we start our company to build internet radio and television stations, we are focus on the market and the people of that market that we can get their business, however, God had a change of plans that grabbed my heart to the point of conviction; and that is why we focus on the Body of Christ because the commission that Jesus have giving to us was so on point to win those that we love and care for. God wants me to see that His people need tools that can be more perfected to help ministries to push the Gospel to those that heard or never heard of it in a way to change them. This is the reason why when we built our first station, The Acts of the Gospel Radio Network, we have invited those who are independent record artists to showcase their music, for free!!!! Then, we did it for those who are using Blog Talk Radio; and we invite them to join our station, and they join our station; but they invited us to this network, and we see about 5% of those to come and be part of our station, but no more.
We have been inviting, joining and encouraging those of this network and “broadcasting” our services with the openness for those of any ministry, service and business; however, the Body of Christ are not see the big picture that God have been trying to display to the way that we can win souls back to Him. We keep getting emails about events, fellowship, and teleconferences about your ministry, and that is great, however, when we invite or suggest about our services, nobody respond back to us and checkout what is in store of our stations. So, I pray and ask God to show me what I’m doing that is so wrong; and he show me that some ministries are afraid of the newness of the ages, in other words, that the Body of Christ are not up to date with the gifts and talents of the Christians that are using the means of the internet to push the truth to the lost. This is a scary reality knowing that God wants me and my company to continue to help you in ministry, business or church; but we came to see something that is a “big” reality check.
We have been seeing that most ministers are still using the 1950 approach to win souls for the 21st century people; and the world and critics of the Gospel are laughing at us about our message and the way we preach the message to the lost, which had made us not proclaiming the Gospel effectively. “Old Traditions” can’t work when people are saying that the young are not coming to church. Negative talking and dialoguing will not bring more people to conferences, specials or your church if you are talking about the way we help and preach souls back to God. Any negative method will not work, period!!!! But, still, when the opportunity to push for a different path comes, nobody will not see it as that God wants you to be effective. So, we have to come to conclusion to continue to help those ministries that don’t have the tools or can’t afford to pay for airtime to preach the Gospel; but we want you to consider that we have our stations ready for you as outlets to the lost and wayward that when the secular stations are charging local church for “broadcasting” the Gospel; the church suffers and the congregation will not be as effective like God wants them to be. Think about it when you want to have your message about the Gospel to be playing 24/7/365; from radio and television, for free!!!!! Think about considering us to help your ministry (from music to outreach) to bring in more souls to God and the power that comes within your Spirit-man.
Our stations’ websites to join this powerful move of God is:
The Acts of the Gospel Radio Network: www.actsofthegospel.ning.com (This station is for the radio ministry and gospel/Christian music).
The Awakening Television Network: www.awakeningtv.ning.com (This station is for those who have videos of their ministry, conferences and talk shows).
Praise Him Television Network: www.praisehimtv.ning.com (This station is for those that have gospel music videos and gospel talk shows about your music).
These outlets are free for the Body of Christ; however, we encourage you to donate to our ministry so that our production will stay down. Continue to preach the Gospel and we will broadcast your works to the lost 24/7/365.

Thank you for listening
Cleveland Rhodes
Founder and President of Crossheart Solutions

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