This Mother's Day I am too far away from mine. While I am happy I can still hear her voice, I wish I could give her a huge hug. She is undoubtedly a very important inspiration in my life. Here's why:

A good mother's love never retires; even after the child has reached adulthood. While the child is an infant and one-hundred percent dependent, Mom is usually everything from nurse to protector. Progressively, she empowers a young life with doses of independence: she leads the child through several stages of personal transition. When the child becomes of age, she changes her method but never her love. She evolves from chief guardian to chief advisor; yet the new adult finds comfort in the fact that he will ever be mama's baby.

A good mother's prayers never cease; even if the child is righteously-challenged. She always wants God to bless her child - first, with good health; secondly, with good sense and finally, with every other blessing. She establishes a rapport with God that ensures that her child can find mercy because of her prayers.

A good mother's support endures; even when the child struggles to find the perfect path. She does not condone bad behavior, but she always encourages with praise for good accomplishments and hope to overcome setbacks. Her child's failure is an unacceptable loss; therefore, she works up to the end to ensure her child every chance of victory.

Since her love, prayers and support are sure in spite of her child's state of appreciation, she is undoubtedly the most important human resource her child will ever know. And, in the faithful execution of her duties, her child will in time rise up and call her blessed.

To my Mom and every other good Mom out there, you are the treasure of your children's lives because you continued to embrace your children as the treasure of yours.

Happy Mother's Day!

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