This is a word I got in December. See if this fits.

Today is a good day! We have just come off a week of consecration. We sought the Lord concerning some things we needed to rid ourselves of. We also sought a word for the year. I got bits an pieces of it during those days. Here is what I believe He is saying so far: 2010 is the beginning of a new decade. 10 is the number establishment, 20 is double establishment. The Church as a whole is going to get established firmly in the doctrines and teachings that started us all. The Lord is about cause the financial situations in the Body to come full circle. There is going to be a series of events...tragic events that going to wake up a remnant of people to rise to the occasion. In this year, there will some effects in major ministries across the nation. New ones will arise from the ashes of the old. Also in government, there is going to be an increase of godly men and women that will be appointed by Him. Prepare for to see miracles to manifest on this year.
As one shake a bucket to settle the contents, so shall He shake the Church to settle it in their place.

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