We here at the Radio Front Broadcasting Group wants to know that can we get your permission to download your broadcast to our station for the upcoming season. We’re having a new playlist for the new songs (some are still the same) and new shows from those who are part of our network.

If you’re interested to join our station’s family, go to our site: www.actsofthegospel.ning.com and let everyone know about what we do.

We here on the Acts of the Gospel Radio is an internet radio station that broadcast 24/7/365.

If you want to listen to the station without the website, download Winamp , then click here to connect to the station.

What we do is quite simple, we get your music or shows and we place them on our playlist to be broadcast on a continually rotation, in other words, no set time or day for your music or show. The concept is to have the listeners to listen to different people who have the same message about Jesus Christ.

When you click on the lick to connect to the station, a media player (not Windows Media Player) will connect to the station and you can listen to the station anytime and anywhere.

We want people that have recorded music or shows to place them on the website that we send you previous so that we can place those tracks to our servers and play them on our playlist.

When we have them loaded on the playlist, we will notify you that your music our show is on the air; and you can let people know about your music or show on our station, the more people come to listen, the better.

This is not for a onetime thing. We encourage everyone that have music or shows to continue to sending to us so that we can make more playlists for new and upcoming listeners to listen, so the website that we send to you is where we can download them to our servers and play them, regardless of the time you send them.

We hope that we answer all of your questions, if you have more, just email us and we will answer them ASAP.

Thank you for joining and support.

God Bless

Cleveland Rhodes
Founder, President and CEO of Crossheart Solutions (Radio Front Broadcasting Group and The Truth Television

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