Africa in Retrospect
Genesis 41:45 and 48:1-ff
Do you know that Ephraim and manasseh where half-cast african-Jews?
Do you know that Ephraims name means double fruit?
...That Manasseh's name means forgetting his father's household?
...That Jacob's double-crossing his hands to bless Ephraim brings double blessings to africans(the Blacks)?
...That the Father-in-law of Joseph, Potiphera was the Priest of On(Heliopolis) and the city was known for producing Brilliant and Intelligent Scholars, Medical practitioners, and Philosophers?
... That another name for On was City of The Sun?
...That On was known for the worship of Ra the Sun God?
Do you know that Joshua was an African Jew from the Tribe of Ephraim?
Do you know that Deborah the Prophetess was from the tribe of Ephraim?

All these is Africa in Retrospect. Before Europe got to know anything about God and Judaism the black man had been there? Obamais not the first, michael Jackson is not either, Ephraim was there before them and he got double blessings from Jacob/Israel

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