All Black Men Who Ware Shades Are Not Blind
There are times in life being adults we have the tendency to be mislead, even though the voices in the back of our head says, caution;we continue to make the same mistakes, be ware my brothers of the demon that lives outside your house,

it is swift and before you know it, what belongs to you, will belong to them, be careful how we say friend, The love in you generates enemies, before you become successful you must pass through the wilderness, this is a test my King, the builder of strength, you must sometimes feel the pain, too understand the appreciation of love, You must understand that you are powerful, and negativity is only looking for a breeding chambers to destroy the mind, be a leader my king not a follower, there will be many who come your way, they will come with hate, in the name of love, separating you from the blessings, Royalty is a commodity not to be misinterpreted, You were born with wisdom's and powers that many know the secrets of a king, they will swiftly move on you, with lustful, temptation, deception, betrayal, to steal your legacy, in the name of temptation, and the lustful demon that follow in its way, don't sleep my king, pay attention, look for the codes, with your wisdom my king, humble and the devil will always tell on himself. be not a follower be a leader my King. Every month take out at least 4 days out of a month read,meditate, have a special time just for you and your God, what you say to him is between you and the almighty, I give you the wisdom that you my King, shall take control of your mind, and the royal red carpet shall unfold.

Humble is the key to greatness, when the Almighty God speaks you shall hear, many do not have a clue, the miracles that the Almighty God has given you, the third eye to see, the mountain to think, the angels that link, and the knowledge to receive, you are chosen my king, A coward dies a thousand times; but brave man dies once. It is not the man on the mountain, but the man who walk with dignity, it is not the man on the mountain, how many women he can manipulate, but the man who saves his people, it is not the man on the mountain, that has know control of self, and try to manipulate and destroy his own DNA, it is the man on the mountain, who prepare his children, to become strong nations and tribes of the Universe. It is not the man on the mountain who imitates the slave master, and dominate his people, but the man who walked as his brother Jesus, to restore the Human race, All black men who ware shares Ain't Blind. Never forget my King, that you are only here on borrowed time, to prove your loyalty to one Almighty God, feast in the name of retribution, for he gave his only begotten Son, the DNA that lives in him, lives in thee;Rise to a level of consciousness, truth shall not be deleted,

Author Jacqueline Amos


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Comment by Lady Blues Jacqueline Amos on January 2, 2010 at 4:39pm
You are welcome blessings
Comment by Pastor Kenneth McPherson on January 2, 2010 at 4:34pm
I really really enjoyed this thank you for this very motovational.

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