Love is not only what a person can do for you,love is what you can do for another.Love must first be shown towards GOD,you
look to GOD for guideance,and wisdom.Here is knowledge how quick we are to say we're in love;But when things don't go
our way, we abandon the one who just moments before we were pledgeing our love to.(How often have we done this to GOD?)
Real love endures,looks past,and overcomes all obsticles.Real love is forgiving,patient,kind,understanding,and never self seeking.Real love is GOD sent,and doesn't try to justify the wrong it's done. It's pure ,it encourages,it picks you up and loves you anyway even when you fall time after time. Real love never criticizes ,it smiles during the storm, and is not afraid when the
weather changes.When the storm aproaches real love rests easy.Because it trusts and knows that even in the eye of the storm,
when things may look the darkest,on the other side GOD has made preperation(A SAFE HAEVEN) And if you hold on to
GOD's hand even when it's dark and lonely,just on the other side beyond eye's reach.Through all of the pain,and the tears in
the darkest of tunnels there is a rainbow in the valley.There is wisdom to be gained in trials,and it's when we fall that we learn
some of lifes most valueable lessons.You can'not effectively explain or comprehend real love until you know GOD.

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