And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. Genesis 6:6

The Lord dealt with me concerning somethings of life. I asked God concerning a situation that had transpired recently in our local church. The Holy Spirit within me was vexed and hurt. Sorrow came fell upon me and I could hear the wrods of the Lord saying, After all that I (meaning GOD) had done for his people, they yet are not obedient. The events of that night probed me for Three days. I asked the Lord Why do I feel as if I have hurt HIM? At first no response, But on October 13th He awaken me out of my sleep at 4am, to speak with me. He said to me," the tears that i had shed were not my tears, but they were the tears of HIM. Then God reminded me that i had to give word on that evening and He took me to Genesis 6:6. When I read what it said, I began to cry. I asked God why was he hurting and He simply said because MY PEOPLE are constantly disobedient.

The feeling that i felt within my heart was heartbreaking. I repented then for hurting HIm. But i wanted to know how i hurt him and what did i do. HE then took me back to the situation that took place on that saturday evening. He reminded me that I had asked him, Lord what could I have done to make that situation less disruptive, more peaceful or just stopped in it's tracks. And the next words he said to me was " My daughter you were disobedient to me". It is one thing to disobey man, but it's frightening to know when you have disobeyed God. Sure i know no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. However this mistake was a careless mistake that could have cause a fatality both natural and spiritually.

He said although you did the right thing in response to what happened, You were still wrong. I was totally shocked. I could not believe that I was hearing this from God. Lets face it, Some of us sometimes get the idea in our heads that wwe have arrived. And that we are crossing the i's and dotting every T. but the devil is a liar. The Lord God Almighty told me just as plain, that i was wrong. He told me that my message is going to be "Disobedience" and my sub-topic would be "I'm Guilty" This was the most hardest thing to do. I had already defused, situation which transpired on that Saturday evening and I had apologize to those who were disrespected by the parties involved. Although it was done in this manner which technically was the right thing to do, God still said I was wrong.

I had to find out what I was wrong and to whom. He said to me you were wrong to me because He had given me specific instructions regarding the event we were planning. He told me over three weeks prior to the commotion, that when the devil show his head i was to say only 5 words. Those 4 words was simply this. SATAN THE LORD REBUIKE YOU. When he was chastising and rebuking me for my disobedience, I could remember when HE told me that. I had to fall upon my knees and humble myself under the mighty hand of God and repent. I cried because it did something to me to know that my heavenly Father gave me a direct order and i forgot about what he said. Thus ending in a altercation that should not have happened. I took full ownership of that correction. I accepted my wrong in this. straight across the board no one wants to be the one who is wrong and we certainly dont't want to do God wrong conscientiously. This Disobedience Message has pricked my heart and has provoke the spirit man to come forth with the spirit of truth and love. Every day we face ourselves in the mirror and we brush things off knowing we are wrong. We as people of God must learn to stop being disobedient.

When God tell us not to do something and we do it anyway, we are telling God, we don't have to listen to him. Then we wonder why sickness and disease fall upon those who are suppose to be able to lay your hands on the sick and they shall recover. Now we lay hands on our brothers and sisters in prayer and it seems as if the reciepients of the prayer got your cold or flu now. PEOPLE OF GOD If we don't stop disobeying God, He is gonna remove the candlestick from out of it's place. Let's stop grieving God. Lets start making him happy again. Lets make sure we obey and not disobey. for obedience is better then sacrifice. I hope i have shared something that will help all that would read this blog. Until the next time

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