Greetings brothers and sisters.

One should ask, "What is my first love, according to the scriptural message?

I can only answer for myself. When I was truly "born in the spirit" I fell in love with everything the Word of God said and applied what I understood to my life. That was in 1981. Throughout the years, I have gone from level to level, of understanding brought to me by the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit witnesses to my spirit that I am on the 'right track', [This is better than eating coconut cake, which is my favorite]

There have been things which the Holy Spirit would explain to my spirit which is contrary to what some of the brothers or sisters may say , in books, sermons, speeches. I way everything by the Word of God and revelation of the Holy Spirit.

I see that someone has a blog which explains the seventh day Sabbath . This is one of the things I am speaking of.

No matter how one looks at it. Man can not change what God mandated. God's people be they Jew or Gentile should obey the law of the Sabbath, [Friday sundown until Saturday sundown.]

Man has changed several things which the Word of God reveals, the opposite: The Sabbath Day, Changing the calendars and time, Changing the accepted Marriage principles in Deuteronomy/Leviticus, Adding to the words of Jesus and distorting truth. There is much more.

It is time for man to get back to the first love of truth from the Word of God , Jesus Christ a/k/a Yahshua HaMachiach

Yah said he would prefer we be hot our cold. Luke warm water is very bad tasting and of not help to the body! He said he would spew us out of his mouth [ out of pure disgust] can you imagine if you are in need of a cool drink of water and someone gives you luke warm water on a hot day? What would you do?

or if you were freezing cold and you needed hot water to comfort you or make a hot drink, and someone gives you luke warm water? How could it do anything.? This is why Yahshua told the people of Ephesus what he did. they knew what he was talking about. The luke warm water in the springs was of no use to anyone. So it is with a luke -warm-christian. OF NO USE TO ANYONE!


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