Ask The Pastor: What makes a Father a good one?

I did not want this to get lost or buried somewhere... Thanks Tony for asking this very important question. This is the type of conversation that is needed to help encourage "The Broken Man"

Toney Rhodes: You with families being all mixed and matched up now a days, what makes a Father a good one? Is it the one who pays his child support on time? Is it the one who lives in the house? Is it the one that gives his kids whatever they ask for? is it the one that stays away because the Mom is half crazy? In this crazt time where almost every other child is a step child, what makes a man a good father? Anybody....?

John Young at 6:47am June 21
The steps of a Good Man are ordered by the Lord!

Toney Rhodes at 6:55am June 21
Thats real good!!! But that doesnt answer the question!!! Not to say the the Bible is wrong! But it is real easy to quote a scripture but when the rubber meets the road, is there a real answer! I know Good Men who are in and out of court trying to do the best thing for their children while a woman who has everything (including the law and statistics) on her side takes him through hell! So with that said... after all this good decisions and bad... let me re-phrase it......"What makes a good man a good father?"

John Young at 7:28am June 21
Regardless of what she thinks, says, or does; Regardless of statistics, or court rulings, Regardless of the hell he may be going through... The only actions he can be responsible for...IS HIS! She may be angry or hurt and respond in vindictive ways (intentional or unintentional), thats her emotions... How he responds to her and better yet, his children is the issue.

All the issues you listed may involve him, but are decisions and judgements made by others. He can only be responsible for his actions, do what is necessary and what is in his power to do as a man.

Hell hath no fury, than a woman scorned. Eve was a neglected woman and ate something that was forbidden. Lots wife, looked back at her past instead of focused on her future, Sarah gave her man permission to sleep with another woman because she couldn't met her mans needs, Vashti rolled her eyes, popped her neck and, in essence, told her husband, "forget you".

How the man responded in these situations, determined the outcome.

When a man's ways please the LORD, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him (Proverbs 16:7)

When the fire of anger is burning inside of you STOP, DROP, & ROLL.

Stop Arguing, Fussing, Fighting, Trying to make a point.

Drop To Your Knees: Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done

Roll: Press Toward The Mark of the High Calling ( Raise your standard, don't stoop down to the lower level).

Toney Rhodes at 7:30am June 21

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