Bere'shit Bara Elohim ata....In the beginning God created..Genesis 1:1

This is the Beginning of all that Exists as we have come to know creation.

But let us take a deeper look into the first word that The Most High chose to place as the Introduction to the Scripture.

בואש'ח-Bere'shit- In the beginning.

ב-Bet or ב'ח-Beth= second letter in the Hebrew alphabet.

Now Bere'shit is the first "Letter of Revelation" from The Lord to the people of the world. In English we say Genesis. But lets have a look in to the Hebrew meaning of the scripture.

Now this Scripture begins not from the first person perspective of some mans vocabulary, but instead from an omniscient 3 person perspective. A voice that reveals the Glorious Power that created the entire cosmos by means of His voice. This we see throughout the entire first chapter. We also see the Triune perspective of the Elohim by the way this scripture is written "Elohim eta" means multiple in this form with the verb bara preceding it. The first verse is revealing here the triune nature of G-d.

Now ב-Bet. This is the first letter in the word Bere'shit. This word has a multiple meaning as well. But here we will see the Divine nature of its use.

ב-Bet means house and also chai or life.

The House of Creation is then the Life of the universe. ב-Bet

ב-Bet also has a meaning of "IN". here suggesting G-d's intention from the start of abiding within the realm of creation.

So now that we know this lets take a further look into the plan of The Lord.

He said, He who is the House of All, would come and dwell within a house that He created. And this House would would have The Life of all eternity within it. This is the first Prophesy of the Messiah.

The first word in Hebrew is Aleph, meaning the Father and the Second is Bet meaning the Son and the third is Gimel the Holy Spirit. Every word that was delivered to Moses is a prophesy all within its self. We have to take the time to gain a clear understanding of the letters to fully understand the word itself. This is also why The Lord said that we could not live ti the full letter of the Law. This because we had no understanding of prophesies and the prophesies that had yet to come. We lacked the ability to gain a full understanding, But now we are able to see the fullness of the work of the Lord which is why we are to look back even now to gain this same understanding that may have been lost or just simply overlooked. The question is "Do we really look or Do we just read"? We should be the type to properly search out the truth. This is the meaning of to "rightly divide". The only way to divide is to take apart not take away. The only way to take apart is to start from the root. The root is The Lord and the beginning is the words that He gave us with His finger.

So Remember to properly investigate the Word of the Lord by using the letters that He gave and you will move to the next level in the Kingdom.

Be Blessed in all you do and keep The Lord First.

Shalom and Shavuah Tov.
Y.A.L Prophet of The Lord

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