Romans 12:1-2

Given that Jesus Christ is now seated on the right hand of the Father where He has prepared all believers/Christians heavenly home begs the question what must we do while anticipating His return to take us home? Taken into account all that the Godhead has done and continues to do mankind must do the following; first, all Christians must accept Jesus as Lord and Savior; second, Christians must have a renewed mind to live for Christ. Third, all believers/Christians must present his or her body as a living sacrifice to God as it must be holy, and acceptable to God through our service, dedication and commitment to Him.

An expression of gatitude for God’s grace, goodness and mercy is witnessed through our lives of holiness, holy worship and sincere devotion to God. What this means is that believers have separated themselves from the world and no longer conforms to its morals and values. This is because all believers are a consecrated people that have been set apart to a lifetime of worship and services to God.

It is noteworthy to say, believers offer their bodies as living sacrifices to God because all believers have died to sin with Christ and rose with Him and the believer’s body are instruments of righteousness and temples where the Holy Spirit resides; for He is God and will not reside in an unholy place.

Believers, live so God can use you in His kingdom building. Make the sacrifice—Christ did.

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