Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven

The Beatitudes in Matthew chapter 5 are from Jesus. What do you discern? Here is my take on Matthew 5.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. – Matthew 5:3

Jesus takes care of your physical needs when you are hungry and suffering. He also takes care of your spirit when you have been kicked around. We have to realize
that we are poor in spirit. We were made to worship Him and right now we are in
a fallen state, a state of rebellion. If you don’t believe me pick up your paper
and start reading. You won’t have to read very far before you see that the
world and the people of the world are in sad shape. We need help. That applies to ministers, non ministers, just everyone. Jesus has
provided that help. He has His arms outstretched to you right now. If you would
just lean on Him. He is your tower and your strength he will make your spirit
rich and strong and you will reside with Him in the kingdom of heaven.

Recognize you condition and recognize that you need your God. Not just on Sunday for a little while when you are in church. I say a little while at church because
some of us are busy checking out the other person. Some come to be entertained
and the slightest thing distracts them. Admit it sometimes we have other things
on our minds. This is also an indication of a poor spirit when we can’t focus
on the spiritual things of God for very long. God is the rock. He never sways.
He is always focused and never changes. He has proven His spiritual fortitude.
He is worthy. He is the autonomous ruler with all things under His control. God
will take you from spiritual poverty and having nothing to spiritual plenty and
having everything you need.

Don’t forget that heaven is a kingdom and the kingdom has a ruler and that ruler is God. God is a sovereign ruler that means He is supreme, absolute, and
unlimited. A kingdom has rules and it also has privileges. Whose that call upon Him, acknowledge him, and
praise him will reap the benefits. Send him your petitions. He wants to hear from you. He is with you all day long. Acknowledge him all day and everyday and watch what happens. You are heirs to
the kingdom of God. Let that sink in. Picture it. Have you ever really stopped to think
about it?

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