We are forever wishing each other well. Whether it is on a joyous occasion or following sad events, we often find ourselves opening or concluding a conversation with a blessing or a word of encouragement. What is the value of such blessings? Is it worthwhile to seek them or give them? Are such blessings effective only when given by people of stature, or are they precious even when offered by ordinary folk?

David blessed Saul even though he could have killed him. I Samuel 24:14-23

Daniel 6:16-24 Daniel blessed the king even though; he threw him in the lions den. A blessing of life that the king would live forever.

Deuteronomy 7:14, verse "You will be blessed above all the nations the Talmud renders the verse as "You will be blessed by all the nations." Such a blessing, our sages say, should be graciously accepted with an "amen" response. The desire to be blessed is not only a human need, but even a divine aspiration.

Cite two examples of a blessing offered by gentiles that benefited a leader of the generation. Both the blessing that David received from Arona and the blessing Daniel received from the Persian king Darius were efficacious.

Such blessings are valuable and may be effective when uttered by any and all, even someone who has a belief system that runs contrary to the Jewish tradition. One who is fortunate to receive a blessing should accept it warmly and openly.

When your simple friends heap earnest blessings of a heavenly decree of a blessing from God it will come. Blessings and curses are in the tongue, giving life or death.
Deut. 30:14-20

Blessings may come from varied quarters. Regardless of the relative importance of the one offering the blessing, we should accept the blessing proffered with an open heart.

Ps. 21:1-13 Blessed to have a powerful God who when you ask you will receive.
Mal. 2:2 Command to all priests to give God the glory to multiply your blessings.
Ep. 1:3 We who are born again Christians are blessed with all spiritual blessings.
Pro. 10:22-23 Blessings of God make one rich.
Ecc. 7:11-12 Blessing of wisdom and understanding given are a defense.
Phil. 4:19 My God shall supply all of your needs. Bless someone with this fact.
Ep. 1:7-8 According to the riches of His grace. Pour yourself out.

Num. 6:22-27 Moses was commanded to bless Israel. We are commanded to bless in the same way.

Blessings Steven

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Comment by Evelyn Blacksher on August 15, 2009 at 11:08am
Bless you my brother,may GOD cause HIS face to shine upon you always,blessings of the LORD be upon you and your family in JESUS name.FATHER,GOD help us to know/understand YOUR blessing(s) shalom

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