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Hello, this is Prophetess LaTarsha Forbes and today's episode I will be speaking about my new book Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice. I started attempted to write this book in 2008 and I was swayed not to write. It was the enemy of course, giving me all the reasons why I should not write. So the following year, 2009 the Lord brought the book back to my spirit. I started writing again from scratch. Undoubtedly, the voices came again, for example, I was not qualified. I may hurt someone's feelings. I am revealing my private business. How would my husband feel about the book? However, I kept writing but having some feelings of doubt. So I heard about a conference called "Stir up the Gift". I went to the conference the first night was great the worship service was high in the spirit. I allowed my self to be free and worship God. Therefore, God was able to minister and reveal instructions to me concerning my writings. While in worship I saw, an Angel step out of Heaven and slapped a white piece of paper in my hand. Distinctively, I can feel the weight of the paper in my right hand. I asked God what was the white piece of paper. The second night left me wondering if I was qualified because of the message that was preached from an out of town preacher. I was seriously considering not coming the final night. However, my thought was, "Just go ahead and finish the revival". So the third day rolled around and once again I was left doubting who I was because I didn't fit a qualification list someone preached over a podium. Considerably, I know who I am in Christ Jesus. The call over my life was prophesied to me repeatedly. I had hands laid upon me confirming what God showed me in my youth, so why was I doubting? It was Satan speaking in my ear trying to discourage me from moving forth in Christ Jesus. That night God had something for me. The Bishop who was ministering, God saved me under his ministry. The Lord saved me when I was fourteen, at his ministry. At the end of service, there was an offering call for $1,318.38. The offering was geared towards sowing a seed for individual's ministry, talents, and or businesses. So I thought about it for a second, and at the same time, the Holy Ghost was bearing witness with my spirit, give. But before I gave I asked, "Lord do you want me to give the $1,318.38". He said, "Yes I want you to give that amount". The Angel I saw the first night was handing me a white envelope. So I went up and made my pledge. The Bishop came up to me and he prophesied to verbatim the accounts of me writing my book. Now, when I was saved at the age of fourteen I was not a member of his church. My friends and I was interested in a play he was doing at his church. All actuality it was not the Bishop who sighted the sinner's prayer to my friends and me. Anyhow, he told me how I started and stopped my first book. He was accurate when I started my first book again, stopped, and started my second book. He told me how Satan was speaking in my ear. He prophesied more things, like the success of my books. Now, Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice is self-published by me through My book is now been sold on My book is loaded with Scriptures, illustrations, revelation, and my own personal experience with intimate relationships, death, heartache, deception, Church, fears, false prophecies, disobedience, and then restoration. I do not only write about me, the Lord expounds at a deeper level in this book. The Holy Ghost ministers through my book to speak to just about every one on a personal level. This book ministers to the saved and the unsaved. There is no limit to where God takes a reader in my book. There is a Word for everybody! Scriptures are seen in it's content and expounded upon, a lot Scriptures, this is a great book. God ministered to me while I was writing my book. Once gain, this is a wonderful book; I trust in God you will not be disappointed. Again, this Prophetess LaTarsha V Forbes asking everyone who is listening to go online and support me. The book is titled Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice, sold on under Mrs. LaTarsha Vanchelle Forbes. If you want to contact me, my email address is I ask all listeners to please spread the word and encourage others to purchase. Bye, Bye for now.

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