"For Every one born of God overcomes the world.This is the victory that has overcome the world,even our faith."1John 5:4. If you are born by God,there is on you a devinne mark of excellence,you Cary in you a seed of victory in every aspect of life it means you are different,distinguished to be the best where ever and when ever.
God who carved us out in his image(likeness) Excelled in all he initiated,when God created man,he breath in them the same power to excel no wonder God spoke to Zerubbabel the way he did in Haggai 2:4 "But now be strong ,O Zerubbabel declares the Lord.'Be strong,'O Joshua son of Jehozadak,the high priest.Be strong all you people of the Land declares the Lord,'and work.For I am with you,'declares the Lord Almighty.God literally was saying"don't faint,you have what it takes,I am in you.(Christ in you is the hope of glory Col.1:27) God was simply saying,if I am in you,you have hope for fulfillment.
Zechariah 4:9 God said through the mouth of the prophet" The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this Temple;his Hands will also complete it.Then you will know that the Lord Almighty has sent me to you.
Mark of Excellence will guarantee finishing,You may have a vision that have delayed,A project that have prove difficulties to accomplishe,You may have unanswered questions,your sky may look too dark as if the light will not shine,Things may be too bad that you have already seen the debris of your scattered life like Job did,don't give up,you have the spirit of accomplishment in you,no matter how scattered your life may be, the potter is still ever ready to put things in there right shape.
Excellence is being outstanding,setting a good standard that distinguish one from others.It is making a great difference.In life proper preparation guarantees good performance,Knowledge guarantees acknowledgment while information prevents deformation.Mediocrity is not the attribute of God who made you to be like him rather God reflects excellence in all his endeavor.It is God`s plan and will for you to excel in all your commission.God wants you to advance in every sphere of human effort.
Isaiah 60:15b says"I will make thee an eternal excellency,a joy of many generations.
Stand and declare yourself his or her excellence for that is what you are created to be.
Love from Apostle Dr.Ibe Okenwa.

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